The Current Crisis - Wall St or Political

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    **** No Swearing / profanity / derogatory words *****

    I want numbers, the republican supporters say CRA Frank, Dodd, Pelosi and Obama caused it. Others argue easy credit and oversight thru all the levels of the system caused it.

    Please reply with numbers and specifics etc. I want this thread to be constructive rather than a one sided opinion of either democrat/republican.
  2. It would be a long post.

    Suggest you do your own research...

    BTW, it was GREED AND STUPIDITY from both politicos and Wall Street.

    But who was the Little Dutch Boy? DemoCraps in 1999 with their Affirmative Action Lending legislation.
  3. The correct answer is (e), All of the Above. :cool:
  4. Bush/the Republicans caused it:cool:
  5. To paraphrase Clausewitz, 'politics is continuation of economics by other means', so it's all one.