The current admin capitulates on the idea of free markets

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WaveStrider, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Beyond belief these fucking republican hypocrites. They are just a bunch of phony scumbags. They want less government and complain aobut the "liberals" wanting to help the less fortunate and create more big government. But when it suits them and the imcompetent, wealthy pricks who let this mess happen in the first place because they missed that class on money management when matriculating at Wharton. Give me a break!

    The "Do As I Say Not As I Do" party!

    Total joke!

    I know - don't tell me- we HAVE to bail these losers out because if we don't the WHOLE country will suffer! Yeah sure! Nope. The fat greedy cats will suffer.
  2. they say it had to be done and be done RIGHT NOW or say hello to Great Depression II

    Question of the lesser evil i guess.

    Sometimes you have to get in there get your hands dirty and tighten some bolts. Tinker with the machinery

  3. Do you seriously believe that?

    If there were no investment bankers on wallst. the average fellows life would not change.

    Congress should tell Bush and the republican liberals to fuck off.

    Bush and Co. have been implementing a repugnant policy of cutting taxes for the wealthy to ZERO and then bailing them out with the taxes the middle class pay.

    What Bush and Co. are effectively doing is subsidizing, yachts, Hamptons mansions and excessive salaries by taking money from the middle class.