The Crush Spread

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  1. Kinda new to ag spreads here. Is it possible to trade the crush spread directly, or do you need to leg in on each contract separately?
  2. no, you cannot trade the crush directly, (BCX I assume your talking about), gotta leg it.
  3. soybean "crush" and cattle "crush" have all gotta be legged into. I dont like using my broker but for those trades its defintily nice
  4. Cheers guys, I use Xtrader and am looking at taking advantage of the AutoSpreader function. Is there enough liquidity in the electronic markets? And what would be an 'average' spread you would expect to see?
  5. you shouldn't have any liquidity problem in those markets on the electronic side. The crush value is different depending on which month you are trading. (Dec crush, Jan crush etc). Just remember to pair the correct months in each spread.
  6. The crush spreads well on tt's autospreader. liquidity is fine.
  7. Are you buying or selling the spread?
  8. what does everybody make of this suprise report?
  9. Do you trade it on TT? Do you set it up the traditional way or as an equity spread? Woudl you mine sharing your settings ?
  10. I do trade on TT but no, I'd rather not share my setup for the crush as it's proprietary and I didn't come up with it. one of my trading partners suggested the setup I use.
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