The Crumbling of Europe

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    Elections in France and Greece reflect the anger and disillusionment coming to the surface across Europe as an entire way of life is challenged. The European landscape is undergoing profound change — from its sophisticated lifestyle to its cherished welfare benefits like guaranteed health care and a secure retirement, to a sense among many Europeans of being the world's elite.

    The days of 6 week vacations, free college,healthcare,babysitters,guaranteed unemployment, 2 hour lunches,home by 3:30,retire at 60 or less is coming to an end at some point it seems.

    The easy european lifestyle is at risk.
  2. Unless you are in the 1 percent, a politician or banker then nothing changes.
  3. Meh.

    It's like the scene in the Godfather when Mike is told, these things need to happen every ten years or so. Cleans out the bad blood. It's gonna be alright. A lil muss, a lil fuss, a lil struggle, and then we go back to doing what we have always done.
  4. I think Europe is setting up for a regime change.
  5. Last time we had big economic problems we had Hitler and WW II

    I guess its like the Brushfire, every so often we need one to cleanse out the forests for new growth.
  6. What do you reckon we will get extreme left or right?

    Judging by the huge scale of immigration I think it will be right. What do you think?
  7. I suspect you would see something more in the lines of communism.
  8. I think that extreme left will dominate this time because the memory of extreme right is still too fresh in voters minds. So they will look one way crossing the street to avoid getting hit and be wiped out by a semi coming the other way.

    Just a guess.