The crooks world of futures trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by harrytrader, Jan 2, 2003.

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  1. This post is for novices:

    I was novice myself 8 years ago. At that time I was not interested in stock market at all except in 1987 when the market crashed and I promised myself that one day I will try to understand this. But apart from that I didn't even know how to buy or sell a stock.

    Then one day I was contacted by a german broker although I lived in France. And they told me that there were opportunities in the deutschmark/dollar futures market. They appeared to be very serious and gave me a lot of details about economics reasons and they assured me that they have the best tools to trade. they asked me to give them about 6000$ and I did it. 15 days later they lost 50% of my account and I asked for my money back but they tried to delay and I recover my money only after 2 months.

    Since then I decided to enter this market myself and to alert novices. Futures is the best opportunities in the world but if you believe the marketing of brokers you are dead !
  2. no shit!
  3. Minime


    LOL. Like the guy promoting heating oil every year.
  4. qdz


    Told you not to play futures especially SSF. Do not let full service broker "sell" your account. I don't know if they should be called brokers. Let just call them brokers instead of crooks for clarity and time being.

    I tell you, the brokers will lose of your money in 100% chance. Not because they are accidentally wrong or have bad luck in predicting the market direction. It is because they are able to deliberately and systematically lose your money. On the other side they win your money into their pockets. They not only get your commissions but also profit from you.


  5. Je sais utiliser un traducteur de langage aussi. Cesser paradant l'idiot! :mad:
  6. Parlay voo Ingles, anyone? :mad:
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    Je kindly bitte voi, de interrupt diese cazzata
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    I'd like to see some f*ck crocking big fincial institutions go out of business in 2003. These f*cks deserve it.

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    Sounds like a textbook boileroom operation.
  10. hahaha seems like a robot answer ! Perharps you work for a broker just tell it. If you make insinuation I will make some too.

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