The CRIMINALS go back HOME for a visit!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by AMT4SWA, May 12, 2009.

  1. The IRONY of the globalist "lead" financial grid takedown and their game is just unbelievable.......NOT!

    "Bernanke will address the conference at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the hotels' Grand Dining Room, said Pierce Nelson, a spokesperson for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

    "The Jekyll Island Club was chosen for the conference because it provided a good venue for the group of policymakers, academics and financial industry practitioners to come together," Nelson said.

    The conference, which will draw about 100 people, will discuss what Nelson refers to as the timely topic of "financial innovation and crises."

    Just as that initial group of men did in 1910, all but a few of the the conference's attendees will be staying at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.

    Unfortuntely, the group is too large to meet in the Federal Reserve Room of the hotel. Nelson said the conference will be held in other areas of the building, with Bernanke's address being in the Grand Dining Room of the hotel." News/2318752/

    ****The Globalist criminal syndicate "FED 100 years of theft" party!!! :eek:

  2. Enjoy your stay @ the Rothschild Slavery System.

    I feel badly for people who don't / can't / won't trade futures in response to these mega trends.

    In two years we'll have soaring interest rates & a collapsing currency...things will go from bad to worse.

    Growth begets inflation; inflation DOES NOT beget growth.

    All I can to is trade.
  3. And if interest rates are increased to fight inflation......LOL, slowed economic growth.........what a nice TRAP the US economy has been "lead" into! :eek:
  4. She'll never be fired. Thats the whole point. If she ever DID say where the money went, THEN she'd be fired.
  5. She'll never be fired. Thats the whole point. If she ever DID say where the money went, THEN she'd be fired.


    Now you've got me worried. Obama should have ditched her ass by now.
  6. Actually, I am in total agreement with AMT4SWA here - it is sublimely and sickly ironic that the criminals are meeting on Jekyll Island.

    Think about it - a central bank banned by President Andrew Jackson, only to revive itself as a 'private entity' on Jekyll Island in 1913, NGO-style, yet with the ability to dicate/mandate how much interest everyone here pays on loans, how much interest everyone here accrues on savings, how much credit is extended in the general economy, influencing the issuance of public and private debt, and acting as a cohort of the treasury department in almost all operations.

    And it's a 'private entity,' started by a close-knit circle of family financiers.

    You can't make this shit up.