The credit crisis "Endgame"

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  1. I've been thinking about this alot over the last day with the whole BSC thing. Im thinking the Fed is the one that started this whole credit crisis and I start thinking to myself why. They are the smartest guys in the room & they have to know when they lowered interest rates what would happen. I find it very hard to believe they they didnt know that house values would rise, then they would raise interest rates and create a crisis for people with ARMs Then act like saviours by lowering interest rates, knowing full well that the banks would not lower their rates cause they dont want to be holding the bag. Then this whole bailout with BSC and they are providing funding..."What is their endgame?" i thought. Surely they dont just go day to day and month to month and figure this stuff out as they go along. They must know what the ultimate goal is.

    Now i have a theory of what that goal is now that SEEMS a little out there, but here it is. I think the Federal reserve is trying to destroy itself. I think they are doing this to create a new reserve with the "Amero" as a currency and force us into a north american union. I think they are controling us with the media of how bad things are right now with the economy and some day in the next few years, we will hear of this great way to save ourselves by combining our currency with canada & mexico and forming the North American Union.

    I know some of you have already heard of this north american union and "amero" currency but if you havent just google it and you will find info on it.

    We will have the benefit of buying & selling cheap mexican agricultural products without having to spend billions on government subsidies in the US. Heathcare insurance companies will be forced out as the government takes over that (this will be one of the selling points for a North american union so there isnt too much revolution) There will probably seem like more benefits than negatives, but they definately need us to think there is no choice in this happening. That its either this, or our total economy collapsing.

    Anyway, this is just my theory. I would love to hear any other theories out there of what the ulitimate end game is.
  2. you've written a conspiracy theory. it lack facts. the fed tries to keep employment full and prices stable the best that it can. it doesn't have an ulterior motive to destroy itself or create an amero. the fed's ability to act on its mandate is constrained to some extent by the practice irresponsible fiscal policy in washington. the fed does not want itself to look bad or destroy itself. that's just illogical.
  3. Watch this movie- it tels how the financial elite manufacture crises to buy up cheap all kinds of stuff..

    also interesting talk about religion and terrorism!

  4. The world needs a reserve currency. What may come out of this is a world currency which or course would set the stage for a world government within 50 years.

    Can't have a world goverment unless you have a world currency first.

    The world's currency use to be gold and silver. Now all currencies, even the swiss franc is fiat.

  5. Abolish the government and we'll all go tribal.
  6. Of course i have no facts. If there was facts, it would be news.
  7. Your post presents a conspiracy theory, lacking facts, as well.
  8. Don't know if it's true but it's definitely interesting and very creative.
  9. It may sound far out to many...but it wouldn't surprise me in the least. The corruption and willingness of these people to sell this country to the highest bidder knows no bounds.