The Creature From Jekyll Island

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ZBEAR, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. ZBEAR


    I am reading ..... "The Creature From Jekyll Island" - by G.E. Griffin

    Am wondering how many of you have read this book ?

    The Fed has our National interest at heart -
    and other fairy tales - Uh Huh !

    If you ain't read it yet - be prepared to PUKE !
  2. Malinois


    Yeah, should be required reading for high school economics. Of course, it won;t happen. The only problem with reading it is you still have to exist in the "real world". That or build a cabin high in the Rockies, complete with shotgun and lots of ammo...
  3. ZBEAR


    Yeah I hear that, and I do so love the Rockies.
    Not that anyone will escape what is coming.

    My Mantra these days is ... "Be Positive - Be Positive".
  4. DS1213


    My own investigation of Jekyll Island has taken me to an amazing article called <A HREF="">Conceptualizing Federal Democracy Reveals Treason</A> that details how we're not even supposed to be a democracy! It goes through our rights, the significance of the grand jury and our puppet leadership.

    Once you begin to understand who's really behind the Fed and all it represents, you begin to see through Matrix we live in.
  5. you've gotta be kidding. that's the sales pitch for a personal debt consolidation service?

  6. I`m not a conspiracy guy. Far from it. But I do believe our quality of life is slowing being choked by the federal government. In the form of taxes and inflation.

    Everybody should be able to live self sufficiently.

    Self defense
    Harvesting water
    First aide

    You may never have to flee the city. But if you do and you can do the above its all cake.
  7. government is in charge of good portion of the planet

    however, ETs like the grays are in charge of the entire planet

    they dictate also extent of our space program

    oh yeahh let the bashing of me begin :p

    also who runs the US, its the pentagon followed by the FED

    presidents are just puppies, who are given some power so they
    look like they and their party are in control