The Creature from Jekyll Island

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  1. I am currently reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and am blown away by the content. Despite attempting to read as much as I can in order to understand the economy and how to profit from it, I have never understood the Federal Reserve System. It has always seemed like a mysterious cloak and dagger organization that is controlling money matters in the US. I would venture to guess that 99.99% of Americans also have no idea what the Federal Reserve System is or does.

    What this book has helped me understand is that the Federal Reserve is actually an organization of the richest bankers in the US (banking cartel) who have been legitimatized by our government. The Fed acts in their own interest to maximize their banking profits while giving the appearance of managing the economy to help the people. The Fed is able to create money out of thin air so that member banks can make large loans to corporations and third-world countries in order to profit on the interest. If the loan and interest cannot be paid, the loan is first "rolled over" so that only interest has to be paid, then "rescheduled" to allow lower interest payments and a longer repayment period, then additional loans are made to help pay the interest and eventually, the government is asked to guarantee the loan to avoid a default that would lead to unemployment, stock market crashes and other hardships to the people. Eventually, whether through government guarantees or FDIC insurance, the bank still gets their interest payments while the people get stuck paying for the principal on the loan. This ingenious plan was hatched by bankers for bankers to make profits.

    The Fed has been doing this for a century and the sheeple still do not have a clue. This book was written in 1994, but explains exactly what happened with all of the bailouts during our most recent economic crisis.

    I am only on page 30 of 600, but this book reads like a mystery novel and I am sure that I will get through the whole thing.

    I am just curious how many other people have read this book and what they think of it.
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    I think it was Jimmy Carter who said that if people knew how their country operates financially there would be revolution before morning
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  4. Its also on you tube. Same title



    If you are truly interested in understanding how the Central Banks operate to create money out of thin air, and take money out of your pockets, then take a good look at the video below. This video will no doubt change the way you think about money for sure. Better than an MBA in Economics, it is an education you can use to improve your trading results, and well worth the time.

    If the link below doesn't work, then just google "Money Masters" How International Banks.....
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  7. I think zimbabwe doesnt have a central bank anymore. They use US dollars now if i remember right.
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    Great example, let's go down on the Zimbabwean road!

    By the way:

    "Legislation is currently being debated in the lower house of the Zimbabwean parliament with a view to limiting the so-called quasi-fiscal activities of the Reserve Bank."
  9. Panama
    Hong Kong
    Both are countries with ZERO banking crises since inception.
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