The Crazy Chicken

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Maverick74


    Go to this website. And give commands to the chicken. It will do whatever you want it to do. Enjoy!

    There are rumors going around that the chicken is Waggie?
  2. rgelite


    That was fun. It's a clever implementation of a command processor. Parses simple strings and invokes canned recordings. You can detect slight image alignment changes from time to time.

    It handles simple physical strings that won't disturb its essential environment. You can tell it jump on one leg, flap its wings, grab some pillows and put them back, even get down on one knee for 5 seconds. Well done.

    But it falls apart when you ask it to affect essential aspects of its setting or make decisions/calculations. For example, call the bitch out who owns it and it triggers on "bitch" and scolds the camera. Tell it to turn off the lamp behind it and, like asking it to turn its monitor off, it simply refuses. Ask it to add 5 + 4 and give the answer, it scratches its head. I asked it:

    For Bush, wing up or down? and it raised a wing.


    For Bush, wing down or up? and it lowered it.

    So it's a basic parser, looking for verb keywords and some modifiers.

    When I said "bye bye" it waved. Thanks, it was interesting and the future is going to be more so, probably sooner than we think. :D
  3. rgelite, you're brilliant!

    I told it to "fix Iraq." It held up a sign reading: "Impeach Bush."

    Go figure.

    I told it to "trade forex." It lost all its money.

  4. rgelite


    ROFL :D
  5. The commands "run" and "spin" illicit the same action.


    But... this chicken definitely belongs in Chit Chat.