The Crash of 2007

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TudorJones, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Full disclosure: My portfolio is 57% short. This is huge since I never tend to hold any significant outright short positions.
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    I have a target of 1610 on the SnP before lower prices. The market always seems to go just that little bit further than what most people think. I hope your short position works out for you.
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    ah :confused: ... this is like the hundredth post here on ET that predicts some kind of a crash in the near future
  4. Counter trend trading....SMART?! Now we know your not really Paul Tudor Jones.....time to change your name!
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    What makes you think the Fed won't continue to support the market?
  6. If you've got sound reasons for taking such a position, watch out; sound reasoning usually leaves you screwed. If it's just a crazy hunch you'll probably score.
  7. Crash where....ohh you are referring to sub-prime mortgage rates and default bills as well as to housing market. OK.
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    catching pianos is far safer than shorting stocks!they're seemingly bulletproof
  9. Prepare to lose money, putz.

    I suggest using today as an opportunity to cover everything.

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