The crash and ME

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  1. anyone else besides me think that this whole thing is actually a good thing?
    It seems like this is capitalism at its finest and the market is basically saying F you to Gov intervention annd people are rallying in the streets to oppose this 700b bill ... well for completely retarded reasons i think - i was watching them on tv and listening to their justifications for opposing it... and it was wild watch it on you tube lol.... anyways so what a butt load of sucky companies with poor management eat it or get absorbed by larger more profitable companies because they have the advantage and did things the right way... good for them and they will be stronger comming out of this mess if anything this is like natural selection laws of nature ya know good for the markets.... the markets always tell the truth people are saying that random companies are being hurt because of this for this that and the other reasons... seems like to me thats the companies fault for being to reliant and also to the consumers of these toxic securities... WTF were you thinking. READ THE CONTRACT PLEASE...AND dont buy things you cant afford and dont have the intentions to pay back...

    GOOD for the markets

    Bad for these brokers out there now (like my uncle) WHO are telling these people these things like the markets are really safe basically and that as long as you hold forever youll be fine... but what about all the older generation retiring now NOW how do you feel mISTER BROKER.... because you could sit there in your fancy leather chair behind your fancy wooden 7000 dollar desk acting like you went to school and learned something great but in reality you just went to school for history or to become a teacher and picked up by edward jones or some random firm that teaches you for 6 months how to convince people to buy what other people think about other peoples thoughts about other peoples picks with other peoples money.

    AND when the dust settles whose to blame for someone not retiring when they wanted to and IT was YOUR job to make that happen... not yours ... why ? because on the bottom of the account opening form it say beware stocks are a risky venture....

    good for the markets i hope some weak companies that cant support themselves get knocked out this increases stronger competition and people are more wary of who invests there money and how.
  2. oh btw i love my uncle and hes actually a good broker :) not slamming him i hope to be as good as him one day
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    No company should have the security of "too big to fail". Without the fear to fail, they won't manage risk properly and hence these over-size pay package for top executives.

    Someone said shareholders are innocent, but if they condone these sort of corrupted practice, they also run a risk of the company going under.

    Bottom line, Greed rule for mostly the last 20 years and it is good to have fear back in the play.