The constant Hershey Threads

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Should something be done about the constant Hershey threads?

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  1. Yes, I am annoyed and wish something would be done

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  2. No, I dont care at all

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  1. Thief


    Greetings, I am starting a poll to get an opinion on how everyone feels about the constant Hershey bashing threads that seem to arise day in and day out here. Now, it doesnt matter if you like Hershey, hate his guts or are indifferent to him and his method, I want to get an idea from everyone if you are sick and tired of seeing the same threads posted over and over by the same few posters (that appear on the main pages). I hope to show Baron that this is indeed a constant annoyance and that hopefully something can be done about it. The main poster in question has repeatedly bragged of his dynamic IP address that allows him to return from being banned at will, w/o any restriction.

    So please vote if you have the time, maybe the mods can work out a way to quell this issue and then we can all go about our business with meaningful and honest discussions.
  2. Great. Right after we quell SCT and Hersheyism. Get rid of the cause, and the effect will disappear
  3. I don't use SCT nor do I believe in its merits as a whole.

    Yet, that doesn't imply that something useful can't be found in it by someone else.

    With that said, here's a reality check for you.

    If someone doesn't like Spyder or Jack...they can be put on the ignore list and you won't have to worry about them running around every trading day starting numerous threads all over ET (spamming).

    Yet, the anti-Jack Spammers are running around all over ET starting numerous threads in trading sections that has nothing to do with SCT, Syder nor Jack just so they themselves make more of the same negative commentary.

    Further, it's difficult to put the anti-Jack Spammers on ignore because they get a new alias and start again the next day.

    They had a simple alternative and decided it wasn't good enough to get their message heard and it's called the Chit Chat forum.

    Thus, if you want to bash, personal attack, use abusive language, call names, bait, taunt, threaten, riducule et cetera...

    Start those threads in chit chat day and night (24/7) and not outside of chit chat.

    Yet, they didn't want to listen and decided to behave like bullies elsewhere at ET.

    Also, keep in mind that (from what I've been told) that most of those complaining about the anti-Jack Spammers are not believers of SCT.

    We've just gotten tired of all the arguing and all that stuff I explained above that's becoming common place as if its new info or something.

    It's not new info nor is there really a true caring to inform...these discussions have been occurring for many years and many are starting to get tired of such type of venting.

    For clarification, we are talking about a particular group of traders and not the usual old anti-Jack crowd.

    This new group are much ruder, disruptive, abusive and spamming the same message in comparison to the old anti-Jack crowd.

    These new folks have also tried bullying via email and pm with hate mail.

    In my opinion, its gone to far when the crap leaves ET and starts arriving in our email box and pm's even when some of us do not use SCT. :mad:

    Once again, the problem doesn't seem to be the old anti-Jack crowd...

    The problem is the new anti-Jack Spammers.

    By the way, one of them admitted to me he's only 17 years old. :mad:

    Geesh, when I was 17 years old, I had better things to do (like chasing girls at my high school and the local college) then hanging around ET to bash traders.

  4. So, by this logic, if you think someone is ugly, then that person should be killed because YOU dont like the way they look.

    Think about how ridiculous that sounds, if you have an issue with a poster, put them on ignore. We'd like to do the same for the anti jack people but they keep re-inventing themselves with new handles making the ignore function mostly useless.

  5. I ran into this phony POS right at the beginning of my stay, and recognized the stench of a consummate conman and perpetual bankrupt idiot immediately.
    Which means I ignore him, and his disciples, without placing him on ignore. They are entertaining, after all.
    I find his determined opponents however, to be, for the most part, tiresome bores. Some have a sense of humor, though, which is good, since mostly I hang out here for the entertainment value.
    So, bottom line: Hershey and his fools are useful idiots. His determined opponents, not so much. And satire and humorous ridicule are the best tools against conmen looking to part you from your money.
  6. kevinrozzi

    kevinrozzi Guest

    This site is going downhill fast. I never post on ET, I just try to read and learn but I am about to just stop reading everything. I have to sift through too much crap to find any nuggets of knowledge. I have studied Mr. Hersey's system, and several others. I don't agree with everything but I try to move on and learn. Detractors should be allowed to speak about a system, but should keep personal jabs out of it. ET should be about learning through debate and critique. It should not be a site of personal attacks. So let everyone write, but the site needs to somehow filter out personal attacks. This website is called elite trader right? So please, let's keep the discussion to trading. We can all learn from each other here. Hopefully we get better at our passion, which if you are a legit poster, should be trading. Steve, who posted above, is probably one of the best traders on ET and mentored me on how to trade back in the day. He has followed the Hersey method and been successful. Others like myself think there are good and bad parts to the method and take what we want from it. Others still, think the method is horrible. The point is that trading is opinion, the market itself is opinion. Everyone gets a voice, but to be productive our voices and writings should only be about trading techniques. So please, everyone, post something useful, or don't post at all. This is my first, and last posting, I pray sanity returns to this website.
  7. Thief


    Please ban this eyesore everytime he shows up and posts the same stuff. Its very obvious who he is. He cannot control himself. He just sent me a very nasty PM after his new alias was born.
  8. maxpi


    The site could be set up to autoredirect posts to a loonie bin really. [I propose lots of tasks for other people to do :D ] Moderators could tag a poster as loonie bin material based on complaints or some standards of etiquette.. Putting the loonie bin just below the politics section seems appropriate somehow..

    My ignore list has about 160 names on it and growing rapidly as idiots seek to defeat the ignore thing with new aliases..
  9. That would only be validating your behavior, which is atrocious. I believe people should be proactive in life, and complaining about a parasite like you is completely reasonable.

  10. Kind of like how you lack the discipline to follow the rules of ET, how very interesting indeed.

    #10     Sep 25, 2007