The Conspiracy Thread

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by PPT, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. PPT


    1. Media totally conspires to trick retail traders

    2. Media is in the back pocket of large funds

    3. Funds in the same bed as the administration

    4. Technical analysis is the proverbial shovel to gold diggers

    5. All economic numbers manipulated

    6. Executions rigged to help hedge funds, the slippage adds up

    7. If Washington DC and NYC produce a few more billionaires, who cares if 10 states go bankrupt.


    to all conspiracy theorists out there.... add away!!!!
  2. GregoryG


    8. this thread is sponsored by the administration.
  3. 10. flight 93 was shot down over pennsylvania by a top level executive order from dick cheney
  4. 11. People jealous of others making money make up conspiracy theories.
  5. 12 Reptilian aliens own the media, politics and the army and they want to enslave you now and eat you later.
  6. 13. The moderators of this site are paid by the media to move threads like this to chit chat.
  7. TGregg


    Not recently. My September check from Big Oil was late, and I never even got one for October from BushCheney. Fortunately the military industrial complex is operating with it's usual effectiveness and my direct deposit for keeping the lid on the UFO threads is two days early! Yeah!

    I don't know why Baron still sells advertising, that can't bring in much compared to all the phat lewt we drag in from all the special interests. We'd still be raking it in even if we stopped selling the IP addresses and emails to the serious guys with sunglasses and earpieces. Oh well, a little extra change never hurt I suppose.
  8. 14 the ppt comes in and buys futures every time the market is about to sell off.
  9. 8. Short fat Americans everywhere, nothing can be done.