The Conservative Principle

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    It may good to identify what Conservatives believe. Each person may have variants but what follows is what I believe conservatism to be.

    --Strict adherence to The Constitution and respect for what the founders envisioned for the country.
    --Rugged individualism. Citizens are to make their own way.
    --Freedom of religion and speech.
    --Strong defense.
    --Strong infrastructure. In fact, defense and infrastructure should be the 2 main items that the government is involved in---not social programs
    --Non-progressive tax system.
    --Balanced budget or surplus.
    --A much smaller number of regulations. The economy works best when it is unfettered by regs. Certainly some regulations are necessary.
    --Strong moral character
    --Strong law enforcement and resulting correction in full for those who are working against society by committing crimes.
    --Belief that Man exists at the pleasure of nature and cannot destroy the Earth. Man can only destroy Man.
    --Belief in Natural Law.

    There are certainly other items that can be added, but this is the general core of conservatism as I see it, and it is my contention that the majority of Americans are conservative. However, the media continually berates The Right and furthers anti-American ideas so much so that folks are reticent to agree that they are conservative.
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    As a Conservative, I agree with The Penny Plan. Reduce federal spending by 1 percent each year instead of allowing it to go up. Spending goes up each year due to baseline budgeting and any cuts are actually cuts to the increase in fed spending. --Coupled with growth, the national debt would be wiped out in 6 yrs time by cutting actual spending by 1 percent each yr.
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    Many times I hear the argument made that Fed tax rate cuts need to be paid for, or that Fed tax rate cuts will mean less money coming into the US Treasury, or that Fed tax rate cuts will add to the US deficit. None of this is in any way true, and is an out and out lie furthered by Liberals and Progressives. As a Conservative, I know full well that Fed tax rate cuts do not cost the government revenue. Look at the Kennedy 1964 tax rate cuts, the 2003 Bush tax rate cuts and the 1986 Reagan tax rate cuts. In each case, revenues to the treasury continued upwards. The lie then continues that Fed tax rate cuts add to the deficit and that necessarily is untrue as it is actually a function of Congreff not being able to control Fed spending. The Conservative way is the correct way.
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  6. This what it means to be "Conservative", "Right", or "Far-Right".... not the Marxist, Nazi lies spewed by the Left. Marxism and Nazism are actually FAR LEFT ideologies.... Large, powerful government with reduced individual freedoms.

    It could be the only "Right" or "Conservative" government the planet ever experienced was the one the genius Founders of America gave to us. Unfortunately the Left's greed and lust for power has had them chipping away at our conservatism for the last 100 years or so. They've wormed their way into power with the promise of, "Elect me and I'll take property from other citizens and give it to you". Unfortunately enough sheeple were/are stupid and greedy enough to fall for it.

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    As a Conservative, I do not engage in identity politics. I believe that conservative principles are good for all. Everyone is equal in the eyes of conservatism. It is what you do with that equality that determines your lot in life.
    Conservatism does not see color, race, creed, religion or sex. On the other hand, liberalism and progressivism is wholly built upon what a person's identity is. Liberals and Progressives try to appeal to "groups". They put people in cubbyholes and tell them that conservatives are against their group. Liberalism and progressivism are the most divisive, racist and sexist ideologies in the US today.
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  8. That's part of how they have achieved their power.

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    Yes --"divide and conquer". First step is to separate folks into identity groups. ---Example: "Climate Change Deniers" .
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  10. Yes. The Left/DemCraps have built a coalition of "groups"... blacks, hispanics, gays, others... now trying to add muslims to their side.... in their war of "us against them"... and it's anti-American in every regard. (Too bad the sheeple aren't smart enough to see through it all.)
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