The consequences of acting Iran...or not attacking.

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  1. LOL, spot on!

    Dry drunks who find religion always turn into merciless deathmongers.
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  2. A poll commissioned by the BBC of nearly 25,000 people in 25 countries finds that just 11% support a military strike against Iran. Even the option of sanctions couldn't muster a majority in any country polled. The neocons and other warmongers again find themselves isolated by world opinion.
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  3. Pabst


    Hey! The ghost of Leon will not be pleased........:p
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  4. Par for the course...

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  5. Krauthammer, a regular on Fox News talking neocon head shows...

    Just because he is so fair and balanced...

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  6. Ethic of the trader?!? Hilarious!!

    What is ridiculous about his statements? Instead of simply attacking him, please point out which of his statements are "ridiculous," and why.
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  7. I thought I did.

    Where's he's mea culpa on Iraq?

    That douche bag can be (and is ) wrong continuously. Yet he can still draw a paycheck appealing to the lowest and dumbest among us.

    The trader can't be wrong again and again and still draw a paycheck.

    This escapes you?

    Not surprising.

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  8. Hey Doc, I hope in your trading and medical practice (guffaw) you pay more attention to detail than your rants here on ET.

    Does this ring a bell:

    Just so you know, Iraq and Iran are two different nations and not one and the same.

    This escapes you?

    Not surprising..
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  9. LMAO!!

    Look dickhead once and for all I ain't no fucking doctor...get it? I trade for a living...17 years and going strong.

    You're obviously too young or too obtuse(stupid) (And I rule out too young) to get the reference to Dr. Zhivago.

    Wow...a typo Iran/Iraq.

    That's all you have!?!?!


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  10. What?!? Where's your MEA CULPA?!?!? :eek:

    Huge, huge relief that you are not a doctor. And I have no doubt that you imbibe a lot of vodka, and are a huge fan of Omar Sharif...good for you.

    And hey, you keep avoiding the question - what statements Krauthammer makes about Iran do you think are "ridiculous"? Hopefully your senility hasn't made you forget that you made that statement in the first place. :D
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