The consequences of acting Iran...or not attacking.

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  1. The douche bag Krauthammer has no shame. Nor does he have the ethic of the trader. Nor does he have any world experience from which to construct his fantasies.

    He can be wrong continuously and still draw a paycheck. I'm still waiting for his mea culpa on Iran. Will I get it? Of course not.

    His continued bad judgement and ridiculous statements are laughable. The tenor of which tend to make others quote his dumb-assed non-sense.

    That is a sad state indeed.

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  2. moo


    Ah, what fearmongering. Don't these "experts" ever learn? Militarily, America is far superior to any other country today, and can easily subdue such a poor, third-rate power as Iran. Didn't case Iraq teach anything?

    No it won't. All this was priced in when oil was near $80. No crisis will cause a spike above that.

    Stop selling oil would be an economic suicide for Iran. Trying to stop oil trade would be a military one. It won't take long for the US Navy to bomb anything threatening out of existence.

    These so-called proxies don't want to rock the boat. They already have the power in Iraq, why try to lose it?

    Only relatively little trouble to be expected from these misguided creatures.

    No reason to care about. Whining will not lead to anything.
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  3. "Fearmongering"? Hey, don't take it from Krauthammer, or Bush, or Blair, or any other so-called right-wing chickenhawk.

    Take it from the poster boy of Islamofascism himself:

    "We love death. The US loves life. That is the big difference between us." - OBL, 11/01
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  4. Of course, the murder rate is high and the turf wars are on their way. The National Guard is on the streets but still not able to control it... well the guardsmen who have not been sent to or killed in Iraq... that is.

    When you say "my folks" do you mean the New Orleans population in general or the black population? FYI, I am not black, so I have to assume you meant general population.

    Yes, we all want to worry about our cities and our neighborhoods. That is why we don't want our freakin' chickenshit admin sending our boys to Iraq. And, we also think that chimp boy was asleep at the wheel during Katrina just like he was during 911. Shame on those who voted for him.

    By the way, do you know having a racist attitude is a mental disorder and perhaps can be cured by counseling? :D
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  5. ====================

    Osoma Ben Laden ''we love death;
    The US loves life.''

    Enter the kings like Sir John Templeton;
    who always try to accomodate somone:cool:
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  6. Israel, Pakistan, India are all in the area and all have nukes. All follow extreme religions.

    Across the pond. USA and Korea have nukes. Both are led by extreme military governments.

    ps. Still wating for iraq's "grave, unmistakable threat". LMAO.
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  7. So the almost 3000 US service people, and 50,000+ iraqis killed indicates a love of life?
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  8. Ridiculous. It is not the intention of the governments of Israel, Pakistan, India, or the US to conquer the world and convert the world to their dominant religions.

    N. Korea's "religion" is that of worshipping Kim.

    Your post indicates your feeble understanding of the world.

    Yes, for the purpose of preventing much greater loss of life.

    But of course a moonbat like you doesn't understand that, couched as you are in the ignorance of moral relativism in this context.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. All the old goats in wheelchairs with last names starting with "K" should be dumped overboard.
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