The Confiscation Scheme Planned For U.S. And U.K. Depositors

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  1. "job creators"?

    That is a propaganda term devised by the republican party

    they thought it sounded less offensive than "the rich"

    Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are the two richest Americans

    How many people do they employ?

    The United Way and Red Cross probably employs more than both of them combined

    yeah, that Warren, he's one hell of a job creator

    How many employees would he fire if you raised his taxes?

    Like most good businessmen, nobody has one more employee than they actually need, regardless of the rate

    if you ask me, this whole focus on jobs, especially the FED mandate is totally misguided

    Jobs and employment are an elitist concept created by Ivory Tower snobs

    They need people to have jobs so they can control them

    entrepeneurs make them very nervous, especially the poor ones out where I live who have never worked a day for anybody else. They just got a good deal on a back hoe and know how to use it if you have money and they are in the mood.
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  2. I'm guessing you're referring to Cypress, but as far as I know most, if not all, credit unions in the US don't have derivative holdings.
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    Well I must have missed that at my stock brokerage.....that like-FDIC coverage for my account, with the exception of a few things.

    But I am glad to have that SIPC as I caught my young stock broker/brokerage owner at work (not working) and his high maintenance wife with a few yacht buying guides and various brochures on his desk of Caribbean ports-of-call. When I asked him if they had plans, he didn't reply; he just blushed.
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    In just the last week, I read in Money Magazine, that generally credit unions have a disproportionately larger number of defaulted loans. I will try to remember to look for that citation and reference the page number and issue date.

    But to your broader point, I don't know anything more than what I posted earlier about the G20 and anything in its plan to include all depositories like credit unions.

    Just google: dutch fiancial minister for Euro Zone to find more on the headwaters of where this new "template" for bank failurs is coming from. It includes many links including this one........
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    FDIC is a gimmick so people think they are covered and it only works if one bank in 100 years goes under. Other than that you are on your own. FDIC has almost no money to cover potential liabilities stemming from multiple concurrent bank failures.

    In brokerage account if you hold assets not cash than they are generally safer other than usual market risk.

    Just keep in mind that cash is paper too and changes its value as any other asset so there is risk holding cash. Not to mention pressures stemming from hyperinflation that we are experiencing today with 3 times growth of monetary base in just few years(it just did not blow out so nobody is aware of it yet and once people notice it will be too late as always).
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    hehe.......I will let your opinion stand on whatever merit it has that the wealthier class is more to be looked at as offensive rather than capitalists and job creators. It appears to me over the years, republicans tend to have less use for "politically correct" than their nemesis party, and I've observed use more defining labels on things. Dems appear to code things ..... "revenue" for taxes...."investment' for never-ending hemorrhaging of money (always better to be a sugar daddy for re-election purposes. Can't blame, them....It works !) And recently, I have seen republicans using the same words, so it must be a politician thing. IMHO "the rich" is a dirty label others like to use with disdain; I really heard it in Europe like Satan incarnate. Those were in my younger days when I didn't know if wealthier were actually evil folks there, or were just severely envied upon.

    (For the record, I am not a party animal, and I don't think too spectrum left or right. I am an economics animal. I do know what drives jobs creation, and one would have to be blind today to see what has become a wet blanket on it.)
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