The concept of "trading both ways"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by timvodas, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. timvodas


    I want to see you prop shop heros trade through a bear instead of "buying the dips" during the bull. You tell me that you can "trade both ways" then lets see you do it instead of talking about it.

    During the last bear, there were many traders who were flushed and couldnt "trade both ways". Lots of stories of loss...very few stories of guys who made it shorting the whole way down.

    Im sitting here waiting for you to demonstrate your skill in "trading both ways". Dont tell me, show me. I dont think you prop shop heros can do it and I dont believe I will be proven wrong.

    Lets hear it heros!!! Lets see what you got. In 6-12 months when all is said and done...when accounts have been will be gone from the world of trading and never want to touch these blasted stocks ever again. Then there will come another batch of prop shop heros who will talk and act like experts until they too will have their hats handed to them!!!
  2. Mate I dont have to show you anything worry more about your own trading and less about others and you may do better
  3. I will give you a specific idea...

    Buy DXD at this level or if DJI goes higher.

    For a 100k portfolio, buy 25000 dollar worth. And, you are hedged for 50K on downside and you have 75k cash.

    You can buy some ETF in Singapore or Brazil or Canadian Oils for upside... and you have a neutral portfolio...

    Best regards...
  4. ravan


    You can use options (straddles) to trade both ways and one will make good money if the market moves a lot in either direction.
  5. Ha! Another angry and completely ignorant "new poster".

    Timmy boy, do you have any idea how daytrading works, in the professional arena? I'm not talking someone who manages their E-trade acct from their 9-5 gig, and places a trade here and there.
    I'm talking someone who trades as their source of income, pulling in 100K+/year. I really dont think you have a clue, we traders dont CARE if the mkts go up or down, we ONLY care that they move so we can take advantage. Down is GRRRRREAT, volitility increases, stocks and intraday ranges increase. The opportunities are terrific. Up is fine too. Sideways is tougher but even on slow days there are opportunities.

    Tim, you are way out of your league here. You should have spent a year just observing the forum before opening up your trap.

  6. lindq


    You're making an assumption here that one can't profit by trading from only the long side during a bear market.

    But that's incorrect.

    Short term long systems that profit from volatility and fear can do very well in a bear market.

    I for one would love to see the VIX remain above 20 and the S&P down another 10%, and I never trade short.
  7. DrEvil



    practice on a forex or futures demo account and you'll get the hang of trading in both directions.
  8. OK, we tell our traders that the market is only "guaranteed" to do one thing, and that is go "up" and go "down" on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. basis.

    We consider buys and sells as only "entries" - and it makes no difference whether you buy first or sell first. But, if you limit yourself to the "buy first" mentality, you really restrict your profit making opporunities.


  9. right now my scalps are on the long side and all my long term holds are shorts