The computer knows who you are

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  2. For example, Hewlett-Packard Co. flags those of its 330,000 employees who are most likely to quit their job — then, a small but growing number of managers review these predictions.

    When the computer’s prediction is correct (a true positive), might there be qualms about divulging an employee’s private intentions to the one person from whom he or she may most adamantly wish to keep it private — his or her boss?


    This is something I've been wondering about. many cos require a test before hiring. WMT is an example, I suppose to see if you would be suitable for the intended purpose of the job.

    My question is this, does this result in lower turnover?

    It doesn't surprise me that for litigation purpose, etc predictive "tests" are a good defense in a lawsuit re race, age, gender etc.
  3. Ha ha ha, I think I saw in this in '12 Monkeys' (1996): Brad Pitt is a crazy guy, trying to pull a prank of letting zoo animals loose. He's explaining his crazy plan to one of his gang members, and includes how the psychiatrist knows what he is planning. The guy asks how she would know? His line was really funny, something like:

    "Well, you see, they got computers -- they got this super computer, and like they program all this shit into it, and they know everything I'm thinking -- hell, they even know what I'm thinking before I even know what I'm thinking!! So ..." and gives the guy 2 middle fingers with a big grin.