The Complete TurtleTrader - "Memo" to Cut Back

Discussion in 'Events' started by Trend Following, Oct 27, 2007.

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    One of the interesting aspects of the Turtle program was the research completed by four Turtles during the program. They figured out that the rules given to them were too "hot". <a href="">Here (PDF)</a> is the memo telling them to cut back.

    PS. I tried to post this PDF to ET, but with no luck.
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    The four Turtles who did the research were Paul Rabar, Tom Shanks, Erle Keefer and Jiri Svoboda.
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    I originally heard about this memo from Turtle Erle Keefer. Perhaps, thinking that I might be skeptical of his claim that some Turtles had determined that their rules were too "hot", he produced a copy of this memo at our first meeting. For me, this was one of those great nuggets in the story that was never publicly known before my book.
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    Do you have my book in your possession? Are you really making the case that my book is not sourced? There are many "issues" within and around the Turtle story that have needed "backup", and I have attempted to solve many of those. You don't sound like you have read my book.
  5. DonKee


    I guess that means you don't have any "back-up" to the statements referenced in the above thread.

    Not good for your credibility.
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    That is an ignorant retort. My "Trader Monthly" article is derived from my book, which is sourced extensively. I do know that "Trader Monthly" was exhausting about fact checking contacting people mentioned in the article. Perhaps before you go making claims you might do some homework instead of just shooting from the hip. Hint: if you are serious about getting to the bottom of the story, keep reading and keep digging.
  7. I dont get why this is significant or reveals something that makes me go wow...
  8. DonKee


    I hope your writing is better than your reading comprehension.

    I just asked you a question. Since you refuse to answer and just attack, I can make the only assumption that a reasonable person would.

    Your behavior and response tells me all I need to know about you.

    I think I'll skip your book.

    No need to read something where the author can't communicate in a civil manner when asked a simple question.
  9. I agree, thanks for sharing.
  10. Div_Arb


    This has to be the stupidest thread I have ever read on ET.
    #10     Nov 16, 2007
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