The compleat idiot's guide to personal insults

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Riskmanager, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Way to advanced for the hoi polloi of ET, i.e. aphexcoil, RS7, FPC, longshot, msfe, wild, vvv, etc.
  2. nice
  3. Well, some of the plebejans here are practising it on a daily basis:

    "A last trick is to become personal, insulting, rude, as soon as you perceive that your opponent has the upper hand, and that you are going to come off worst. It consists in passing from the subject of dispute, as from a lost game, to the disputant himself, and in some way attacking his person."
  4. your an idiot
  5. Perhaps you meant "too advanced." If you're going to sprinkle your posts with Latin, then perhaps you could also take the time to make them grammatically correct as well.
  6. Just a simple typo, now run along little aphie.

    PS- "Hoi polloi" ain't no Latin, it be Greek.
  7. and your weak..(proof)fatso
  8. My weak? No, this has been my week. Maybe it's your weak personality?
  9. cable


    This rule doesn't apply to me - I am rude whether I'm winning or losing.

    *I* am a TRUE butthead, not like some of the "beginner buttheads" here.

    Thank you for your time.
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