The coming golden age

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  1. I thought you might like this article. It discusses a lot of the things people here like talking about. I like the view that the East is growing and that this is not really a crisis but a transfer of wealth. Perhaps I have read that into the article but I think that is what they are implying. Our loss their gain.

  2. Morganist, you're still too soft, too much of a softie, in perennial indecision - like I pointed out to you a year ago. You haven't changed a bit. You already won the award for being a saint. Try the flipside for a change, please
  3. I don't have a clue what you are talking about please elaborate.
  4. I think he needs to hear more about how you're tearing somebody's throat out in the market.

    Think that would help?
  5. You do realise I did not write the article don't you?
  6. I'm just saying it seems he's calling you timid and unaggressive. Morganists usually are what with their position of monetarism.
  7. So you read my blog?
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    I agree with the comment

  9. The comment makes no sense.

    They ARE being lifted out of poverty - specifically, by a self-destructive American trade policy. They were working just as hard before Nixon Went To China and it got them diddly squat.

    Second, Adam Smith was in favor of all sorts of "statism", as he believed it was necessary to prevent "capitalists" from running roughshod over the economy and over people. Whoever wrote that original comment is clearly unfamiliar with the man's actual body of work.
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    Most Americans don't want to pay the cost of USA made goods. Capitalizing on a self-destructive American trade policy is no gift. Americans get the goods at the prices they want.
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