The Coming Generational Storm

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ges, Apr 3, 2004.

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    Gamelarouch, why the new nick name?

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    "Gamelarouch??" <-- LMAO!

    Good one, pspr! Now I'm a girl?? "Gamela?" LOLOL

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    Sorry Saham. The correct spelling was gamalruach. Anyway, any reason for the nick name change?
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    I have not read the book, only Mauldin's comments.

    It's about the problems we face with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. It is something we just refuse to face up to. For politicians there appears to be no point in dealing realistically with it...leave the mess for someone else.

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    Nothing will happen before 11/2/04, and nobody in Washington cares about (or can see beyond) that date.
  8. The growing elderly part of the population and the rising expenses they require - they live longer as well, is something most european countries now are trying to do something with. It's extremely unpopular - just see reports of protests all over europe this last weekend. In France, Chirac will be using the waivering prime and finance ministers as scapegoats for the much needed reforms.
    It seems some parts of how welfare and pension systems are financed must be thought over again, but no politician likes to touch this subject as there is no clear solution which at the same time is painless. So many seem to just ignore the issue, until someone has to do something.

    A global conflict would perhaps reduce the burden somewhat ... (ironic)
  9. I completely respect and admire all of John Mauldins work. I get his weekly email and am going to here him speak at the MoneyShow in Las Vegas coming up in May (I think). I will be reading his Sunday night commentary today on the BART ride home.

    Good to see other peeps here enjoying his commentary.

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    Another guy I enjoy reading:

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