The coming Dollar Armageddon or correction

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by andrasnm, May 16, 2006.

will the US come back with a curve ball..i.e. Hydorgen Cars

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  1. I am going on record and make a bold prediction here in regarding the USD and oil pricing mechanism. Iran, Russia Venezuela and even the Saudis are hinting EU pricing for oil.
    Will this be the end of dollar or does the US have a card up in his sleeve?

    This would be a true weapon on terror - starve them to death!


    HYdrogen driven car....
  2. just21


    This is getting like last year when the world called the dollar lower and it ended, up 16% for the year.
  3. So you do not think a Euro pricing for Oil would hurt the dollar?
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    You get invaded if you do that!
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  6. Bullocks, the mouse are getting louder and I wonder if you seriously think the US would invade Russia for example? Have you ever heard of the fall of the Roman Empire? We cannot even deal with Iran as we are bogged down in Iraq.
  7. just21


    But is America an empire?
  8. axcel


    But is turtle a horse?

    Just joking