The Columbine Massacre

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    Christopher Bollyn, journalist with the American Free Press, interviews Mark Taylor victim of the Columbine Shooting incident. Both will be attending the Columbine Memorial Unveiling , Friday June 15th, where former president Bill Clinton will be in attendance.

    Eric Huschmid site addresses some of the important information covered in this interview:
  2. <b>The source of all this information admits her history of delusions:</b>

    "Donna Taylor took the psychiatric drugs for one year after the shooting. She complained the drug would make her hallucinate.
    HerExperienceWithDrugs.mp3 340 kb "

    <b>Website author reveals himself to be a racist moron:</b>

    "There is overwhelming evidence that a large criminal network controlled by Zionists is taking over Europe, Russia, North America, and Australia.

    The incompetence, corruption, and wars occur regardless of who the president is. Until we deal with this Zionist network, nothing is going to improve. "

    "Did Zionists play a role in Columbine?

    The Zionists sacrificed a lot of Jews during World War 2 in order to help Israel get established. Was there any Zionist involvement in the Columbine attack? Or was the Columbine attack committed entirely by goyim?

    This page believes lots of Jews were involved, both as Useful Idiots and to commit and cover up the crime: "

    Is it possible that the Zionists selected Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Mark Taylor, and/or other people to be victims because they were Jews who were of no value to the Zionist movement? "

    <img src=>
    <b>CASE DISMISSED.</b>
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    Wait till ratboy gets hold of this. Add it to 9/11 the london bombings and we have a worldwide conspiracy.