The Coffee Break Trader

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by John Merchant, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. In my professional role as a CTA (Contradictory Technical Analyst), I often meet mid-level managers and engineering specialists who wish that they could trade like ET all-stars do. They dream of catching the HOD or LOD and riding it like a surfer all day, or more excitingly, of rapid-fire trading every peak and trough in an orgiastic excess of scalping. Alas, they are trapped in hum-drum jobs, and have timid wives who prevent them from being what they know they can be. So they surreptitiously scan ET throughout the working day, and trade vicariously with ET luminaries like Spydertrader ("Bet HE gets the babes!", they murmur regretfully).

    Well no more the trading voyeur! As director of marketing for S&M Trading (see the thread here by our in-house psych consultant the famous Dr. Mudgins), I am proud to offer a new service: Coffee Break Trading! At opportune times throughout the day, we will push to our subscribers over their iPhones minimalist trading screens like the attachment. As you can see, if you took this trade, you would have been a big shot like the guys who post regularly on ET! And it would have taken less time than it takes to tell a dirty joke in the coffee bar! Be watching here for more details on how to make as much money in one trade in one day as you make in your entire money market account in a month!