“The cod is coming” – Norway c-bank promotes new NOK 200 banknote with odd video

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  1. Norway’s central bank Norges Bank launched a quirky video to promote the first of the new Norwegian Krone banknotes – the NOK 200 banknote featuring a cod fish. Entitled “Torsken kommer II – Torske kroner nå” (“The cod is coming II – cod kroner now”), the song features the local comedy trio KLM and their 1980’s hit “Torsken kommer”.

    The cod is dubbed the “national fish of Norway”. “No other species of fish has been praised and made into legend as much as cod and herring. We see it in literature and sculpture, on municipality coats of arms – and now on the new banknotes”, Norges Bank notes.

    The Norwegians really like their cod. :D
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    Yeah they all have national symbolics, but the video is really strange, thanks for sharing.
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    Funny video, given Norway's geographical location fishing no doubt has been vital to their existence.