The Closing Argument

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  1. A closing argument they can't ignore

    NOVEMBER 2, 2012

    I am a member of the 13th generation, the first as a generation that did not do as well economically as my parents' generation. The mainstream media calls us “Generation X.” After the last four years of severe economic decline in this country, the generation after mine, the Millennial generation, has a chance to become the second successive generation that will not do as well as their parents generation. The mainstream media calls them “Generation Y.”

    We didn't grow up thinking decline and high unemployment is the new normal. We never imagined we would some day have a president that gives up on American Exceptionalism, travels around the world apologizing for our country and is content to manage the decline and believes that American is inevitably heading toward second world status and there's nothing we can do about it. We believed that our generation, like those before it, would leave this country better for the next generation than we found it. We aren't doing this when we spend thousands of billions of dollars on deficit spending for our consumption now that will have to be paid by our grandchildren and their children.

    The economic decline that was made worse by the policies of President Barack Obama hit my generation hard and impacted the millennial generation even worse. The middle class has been crushed in the last four years as millions of millennials have moved back home with their parents and half of all current college graduates can't find jobs. We haven't yet accepted this as the new normal and know we can do better.

    As a country, a majority of us (52.9 percent of us that voted to be precise) voted for change in 2008 and we sure got a lot more than many of us thought we'd be getting. We got a recession that this administration managed to turn into the worst economy since the Great Depression.

    We've had enough. We do not want another four years of what we've lived through for the last four years. Four more years of destroying the economy and trashing America does not look like it will benefit my own personal future, that of millions of others or the country itself. We are the owners of this great country and we still do actually make a difference

    Most voters should ask themselves, not only are you better off than you were four years ago, but also do you believe you and your family will be better off if we get four more years of Obama's failed economic policies. Personally, my answer to both of those questions is in the negative.

    Do we want American Exceptionalism again? Do we want to have the spirit of unity and pride in America we all felt the day after September 11, 2001 and after we heard President Bush speaking through that megaphone? Do we want a growing economy that will create more good jobs and allow more Americans to start businesses and pursue their dreams?

    We deserve better than this and we can have better than this if we elect Mitt Romney as our next president. Let's all vote on Tuesday for Mitt Romney and deliver a closing argument to this long campaign they will be unable to ignore.
  2. the guy aint too smart. the economy crashed more than four years ago and has spent the last 4 years crawling back. things arent that bad right now.
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    that's right, crawling back instead of roaring back. things are not bad if you are a liberal wanting to apologize for the failure Obama by his own standards, but for many of us we know things could be much better.

    deficit of 10% GDP to get 2% GDP growth, boy that's genius, and things are 'not bad'
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    I think there are a lot of people who voted for Obama that feel this way. Some will even go into the voting booth tomorrow intending to vote for Obama but they won't. It's going to be just like Reagan and Carter but, possibly, to an even larger degree.