The Close Today & After Hours !!!! Something Strange

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  1. Hello, could we all share our own ideas about the close and after hrs. Huge candles with massive volume ( block trades) on QQQQ ! Is this short covering or long buyers bolth? Etc,etc. So what ya think ? Could you cover a short after hrs ?
  2. Massive shorts covered


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  3. massive dump in the dark pools...the dark pools (blackmarket) is where the gangster conduct their dirty deeds. dirty trades hands

    the volume isn't in the exchange anymore..real money does business in the in dark..avoid radar.

    these crooks invented the dark pools and multiple exchanges to avoid being busted for crimes conducted.

    no body, murder

    no evidence ,no crime

    these criminals sure know how to keep their crime activity clean...==no evidence.

    even if they do get busted and full evidence of crime activity,,,

    the regulators don't investigate...lack of evidence===case closed.

  4. Ya think so ? 1 to 4 million shares block trades ? Look at them
  5. b.s. trades...if it afterhours...these guys closing their hedge trades over the counter...meaningless trades..don't mean anything.

  6. Maybe true but it's showing on my charts and big candles and volume bars. If what you are saying correct what are we seeing it looks like buys or covers because bars spiked up not down.
  7. . Ok maybe true BUT something like this is very rare , I understand cleaning the books, BUT I have not seen so
    Something like this before and 4-5 times in the same after hrs . I really don't think you are correct because I watch stock after hrs and I see the cleaning of the day done by 4:30 to 5:00 but does not effect candles avd volume bare. If I am wrong it's ok BUT WHY ?
  8. Quote from brokenmarkets: well ?
  9. ok , brokenmarkets what ya think ? or any body elce ? con on guys if you look tell me its not strange?
  10. wrbtrader


    There are so many different data vendors out there...its not unusual for one to have something the others do not.

    You should post a chart and Time & Sales screen so that others can compare what their data vendor is showing in comparison to what's being showed by your data vendor.

    My QQQQ looks normal but my Emini NQ show a volatility spike but nothing unusual about it especially considering the current global events in which traders don't want to hold Long positions over the weekend if things continue escalating.

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