The Clock is Ticking....

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    Whew, fortunately we make money on that scale, too!
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    US GDP $14.7 trillion (2010).
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  5. Nice hair, Covertibility! Your butt buddy seems to be deep in thought about who to ask for his next dollar.

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  7. The port moves very little in huge down days with the hedges in place and cash. All the weekly squiggles will trigger on a close sub 1300. Waiting on claims and GDP. (Main driver to the selloff is what I said Sunday, GDP expected to be 1.6%. People paying attention to debt ceiling is idiotic. A failure to raise the ceiling is an event that is unquantifiable and unlikely - no one is that stupid to not raise it. As for AAA rating, Japan back in '98 lost its AAA rating and nothing happened.)

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