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    A couple of quotes that are amusing

    "She was exhausted and that led to the error of a sniper fire? If she doesn’t know the difference between a flower ceremony with a little girl and a sniper because of exhaustion at 11pm, then what kind of judgment will she show at 3am when that phone rings?"

    "If Bill Clinton makes a comment about Hillary being tired, I would imagine John McCain, at his age, would not answer the phone at 3am. That leaves us only Obama, who can answer the phone correctly."
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    Lot of truth in what you say,ak15/16;
    except William Saffire called it not ''exhausted'', called Hillary Clinton, in writing, a '' congenital liar''

    Actually Barak Hussein can mostly outalk Senator Clinton;
    3;00 or probably most any time.

    Senator MCain is experienced to have a ['hopefully younger' VP']-LOL];
    a younger VP to answer calls @3:00 am:) :cool:
  3. You may want to reconsider the "...Obama, who can answer the phone correctly." part. At least Clinton and McCain know which end to talk into, even at 3am!
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    Hello. I've got these in quotations. They do not reflect my choices of who would make a better president. My choice : None of the above. They are all a bunch of hypocrites.
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    "Bill Clinton has referred to his wife’s age (60) in a negative manner on more than one occasion. Now he’s telling us older voters that if we support Obama we’re not savvy. Why am I not surprised that an aging frat boy who digs younger chicks would make some of the dumbest remarks I’ve ever heard made during this campaign? Maybe he’s just bitter."
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    Dick Cheney - " Hillary made an honest mistake. She confused the Bosnia trip with the time I took her hunting"
  7. That was funny.
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