The Clinton body count

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    Nobody mishandles classified information and walks... except apparently Democrat politicians.

    I personally know someone who was "detained" and had their TS/SCI suspended for walking into the wrong empty conference room with their laptop which was OFF.

    So for me its super-disgusting to see others get away scot-free.
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    Tony Stark

    Why isnt Barr prosecuting?
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  3. Linda Tripp of Clinton-Lewinsky scandal fame dead at 70
    By Ronn Blitzer, Alex Pappas | Fox News
    Bill Clinton says he had affair with Monica Lewinsky to ‘manage my anxieties’: report

    The infamous Lewinsky affair is a very controversial aspect of former President Bill Clinton's legacy. Today, he says the reason he initiated the affair in the first place was to keep his anxieties under control.

    Linda Tripp, whose covert recording of conversations with Monica Lewinsky revealed an affair with then-President Bill Clinton, has died, Fox News confirmed.

    "Sadly, Linda did pass away today," Joseph Murtha, the former attorney to Tripp, said in an email. "I am not in a position to provide any details."

    Earlier in the day, it had been reported that her daughter, Allison Tripp Foley, posted in a Facebook post that has since been designated private that her 70-year-old mother was terminally ill.


    "My mommy is leaving this earth. I don’t know myself if I can survive this heartache," Foley said in the message, as reported to the New York Post. "Please pray for a painless process for the strongest woman I will ever know in my entire lifetime."

    Tripp's son-in-law simply told the Post, "it’s a family situation."

    Tripp's recorded conversations, which she turned over to then-independent Counsel Ken Starr, exposed Clinton's sexual relationship with Lewinsky, who was a White House intern at the time. Clinton's denial of the affair led to a perjury charge when the House impeached him in 1998.


    Upon hearing the news of Tripp's condition, Lewinsky expressed "hope for her recovery" and sympathy for Tripp's family.
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  5. Well, in a related matter, I did - no lie- notice in the news today that Linda Tripp just died.

    Hillary been trying to arkancide her for years.
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  7. Now you are really stretching the truth. :)
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    Dr. Love

    Soon to be added:

    Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime friend, has been arrested, source says
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  9. That just ruined Bubba's weekend.
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    Dr. Love

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