The Clinton body count

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  2. that's a lot of coincidences
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    This is hilarious. Thank you for posting it. It is amazing what you can find on the internet. The internet has become almost as reliable as the Bible.;)
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    whoa... piezoe bringing the substance to this thread... wow that poor website never stood a chance once piezoe started with his fact check.

    whoops I don't see the fact check...
    are all those people really alive?

  5. Good deflection of the truth to another subject. You get a C+ for that one!
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  6. I guess the thing that surprises me is voters do not seem to mind just being flat-out lied to by democrats.
  7. It's really quite incredible. Hillary is soooooo despicable, she shouldn't even be considered as a presidential candidate. But the parasite and trailer trash constituency is willing to overlook every transgression, bad policy, and incompetence... so long as the freebies flow freely. They don't understand that when their "useful idiocy" has been all used up, they won't get anything at all... and maybe worse.

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  8. Seriously? whatreallyhappened.moron? Michael (all the world's a conspiracy) Rivero?

    Guess what. Rivero and his web site are a litmus test. You failed.
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    This is what allows Hillary to go on TV and say that James Comey said her statements were truthful and she actually has a straight face.

    It also allows Hussein Obama to say that the $400 million was not a ransom, it stemmed from an old debt dating back to 1979. I guess the question for Hillary is, why did your husband never made good on this debt, and why did it take Obama over 7 years?
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