The classic BID stepping up/ Offer stepping down SCREENER?

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  1. I always consider these high reward trades that I love if I ever find them, or luckily stumble upon them. I know there are a few filter software that screens for bid stepping up, offer stepping down (with size). Could you guys share what programs you use? Ive used whisper, what else is there?

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  3. i chekced it out and looks like a flight simulator pc game... but its a tradig platform. anyways does it have built in filters? i do not need a platform, just a filter to look for bid stpping up ask stepping down..~~ anyone?
  4. Take a look at Trade-Ideas.
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    Take a look at First Alert.
  6. Yes i was looking at first alert, and also their idealink software, but when I asked their tech they said they did not have a bid stepping up type filter...

    Does trade - ideas have this?

  7. Check it out, it has free trial. Select Configure Alerts. Has New High Bid/New Low Bid.
  8. Here is the exact thing you want I think.
  9. first alert,insight - costly though
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    First of all, these are not at all high reward trades. The classic size scalp is one of the lowest reward and supposedely lowest risk. Although when the specialists spreads down 10-20 cents when the trades dont work out, it kinda turns these into high risk.

    You can pay for these filters but Hammer, for example, has built in baskets that you can set up to make ur own filters. I made my own, I have about 800 stocks I have scanned and want to add 400 more as I slowly delete the worthless stocks from the initial 800. I have used Insight (is that whisper as well?), Qcharts and another program for the same. IMHO, the Hammer baskets are the fastests and the best I have ever used. The PC mem usage is the only problem.

    Any real trading software should be able to scan for bids and offers and sort them. It will also be faster than any third party filter. And free.
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