The circular firing squad starting early

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Oct 24, 2008.

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  2. in hindsight, Romney would have been a much better candidate.

    -- Understands the economy
    --flexible ideology.

    Palin's pick is a disaster with independents & women
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    He would have been a much better nominee for president.
  4. Romney would not have been better. It's not like his flaws would've changed. He's elitist, a "chicken-hawk", a flip-flopper and I suspect Bain is in bad shape-I know they were down 50% months and months ago. In fact I believed at the time his quick exit was predicated upon his financial situation quickly changing.

    McCain SHOULD HAVE used the Hillary game plan. FACT: Post Wright she won 9 of the last 11 primaries. Without those corrupt caucuses OR if Wright had broke two weeks earlier she'd be the nominee.

    As far as Palin it wasn't the pick it was her miserable television interviews. If she'd performed the race would be tighter. IMO there was NO WAY that ANY Republican was going to win but McCain CERTAINLY should've attacked Obama from day one.

    McCain's single biggest mistake-what cemented his probable loss-was his ineptness during the bailout negotiations. Suspending his campaign only to get smoked in the debate, supporting legislation that BOTH Obama and Bush favored only to see the GOP delegation in the House reject the bailout and then the markets plunged.

    Think about MCain being in front anti-bailout. He could've taken the moral high ground by saying here's Obama AND Bush raiding your pocketbooks. Then with the market tanking it would have been like Obama and Iraq. McCain would've held the ultimate "I told you so" card. Dumb move and I was so anti-bailout I've had a hard time supporting him since. I'll tell you this: If Palin were in the Senate there's 0% she would've supported the bailout package.
  5. YES. That would have been a brilliant move. instead, Obama didn't take the bait, kept cool and insisted on a debate.
    Voting for the bailout destroyed his fiscal conservative "I'll make them famous" claim.

    99 % would agree that was the game changer.
  6. Except for that rogue Intrade bettor he's never up ticked since. It told me one of two things about MCain. Either he doesn't get it or he takes economic advice from idiots. Earlier in his career there's no way he would've voted for it. Game changing blunder....
  7. Absolutely right.

    McCain put off his own supporters from day one by defending Obama. He could have ridden the anti-Obama wave Hillary started but he was too squeemish to go after Obama hard. He let people get comfortable with Obama, then it sounded like mud slinging and hinted of desperation, the latter of which was accurate.

    Palin was attacked unfairly by the media, but is it really too much to expect a sitting governor and VP candidate to have a working knowledge of foreign affairs and be able to answer a question about what she reads?

    Ultimately, it does seem that McCain's shaky handling of the bailout cost him whatever chance he had. There is ironic justice in this, since he would have been rescued by the very House conservatives he has spent decades pissing on.
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    Another view is that ANY Republican was doomed to lose against ANY Democrat, because this presedential election was, is, and always has been a referendum on George W. Bush. A guaranteed loss for Republicans. The dems woulda won even if their ticket was Barney Frank(P) and Nancy Pelosi(VP), according to this view.
  9. EOD an Obama win is the best outcome for us bro. Since there's zero chance he'll be effective-as much because of Congress as Obama specific-one of two things will happen. The electorate either rejects liberalism and a populist like Palin or Huckabee comes back in 2012 OR we head into a secession environment and we get to be neighbors in Charleston. Win-win....:D

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    .....and then these rinos that got their man the nomination, and then two weeks before the election, they jump to the enemy. Tell me it doesn't look like a plot all along. What, we're supposed to believe that having a rino as the candidate wasn't enough? They had to have a vice pres that was a rino, too?

    Time to weed these jokers out.
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