the Cincinatti Kid

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  1. 'how do you like your steak, kid"?

    "it's ok."
    -the Cincinnati kid

    great lines from a great flick
  3. i remember when he delivered that line.

    actually i think it was (just from memory)
    "You got some HARD bark on you mister."

    great line and great flick
  4. i like the fact they didn't try to hide their eyes, they stared straight at each other..EYE TO EYE.

    that's real poker! none of this nonsense of 'shades' or covering up your freakin face with a ridiculous hoodie etc. like these "i'm all-in!" monopoly money tv poker 'champs' we see now. :mad:
  5. "Oh, yes, yes, Oh, you're so big. Oh, Oh."

    Jenna Jameson, "Splendor in the Ass."
  6. "_____________________________"

    Charlie Chaplin, "The Tramp"
  7. EVERY body is big in the can what's your point
  8. "Ho's gotta eat too"

    Doughboy from Boyz N The Hood
  9. "Don't Touch the Watch"

    Pat Bateman,American Psycho
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