The Chinese Know.........Americans will be the last to figure it out

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by kevinedge, May 21, 2010.

  1. kevinedge


    Shirt is worth a 1000 words. Oba Mao hero of the people. LOL

  2. sumfuka


    LOL. That pic is priceless. Even has a dirty grin... oh shit..
  3. Faber said to buy anything Mao related.
  4. AK100


    If one wore that short when doing the usual tourist things in Washington DC I wouldn't be surprised if a load of government goons arrested them.

    Land of the FREE :)
  5. Hahaha. Oba-Mao. I can see the chinese pronouncing it that way, anyway. :)
  6. China...:) :D
  7. google"oba-mao t-shirts", (they are banned in china, go figure?)

  8. rew


    OTOH, if you have a Che Guevara poster hanging in your campaign office your man gets elected president.
  9. Oba-Mao...

    This is very funny!! And yes, I am Chinese!