the "cheese heads" in Wisconsin dragged out of State House

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    Sounds like the liberals aren't getting their way, and are now being carried out of the Wisconsin State House according to news feeds. State House is apparently in lock down as protestors try to push through doors.

    Should be great for kids to see their tree hugging teacher being dragged out! :(

    Gotta love the "legal mafia" (Unions) in 2011...
  2. Republicans should video these mobs, then run them endlessly during the elections.
  3. Libturds and unions are frantic because their corrupt cycle of using taxpayers' money to buy politicians who will give them ever increasing wages and benefits is collapsing.

    taxes-->gov't pay-->union dues-->democraps' campaigns-->payback-->higher taxes

    Collective bargaining against whom? The taxpayer? The party's over libturds! :p
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    Jessie Jackson is back in Wis. calling for revolt. (read riots). Don't the Democraps know he is just there for the publicity and donations to feed his lifestyle?
  5. Oppressive regimes are the same all over. Sad day in America when we're on the same level as these bastards, but here we are.

    SARAH EL DEEB, Associated Press Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press – 45 mins ago

    CAIRO – Saudi police have opened fire at a rally in the kingdom's east in an apparent escalation of efforts to stop planned protests.

    Government officials have warned they will take strong action if activists take to the streets after increasing calls for large protests around the oil-rich kingdom to press for democratic reforms.

    A witness in the eastern city of Qatif says gunfire and stun grenades were fired at several hundred protesters marching in the city streets Thursday. The witness, speaking on condition of anonymity because he feared government reprisal, said police in the area opened fire. The witness saw at least one protester injured.
  6. Exactly...Enough of this bullshit of throwing the middle class and small business owners under the bus to pay off these extortionists.

    People have warned them for a long time that their incessant demands and desire to have a perpetual gravy train of legacy benefits would break the system. It could have been adjusted years ago to fit more with the reality of things (ala the private sector and 401k's, defined cont. plans), but no, they felt entitled to benefits of a by-gone era.

    To be honest, this is just the beginning anyhow. Think they're pissed now, wait until pension payouts are reduced drastically at some point down the line. Once this reflationary bailout ends, where are they going to make up the trillions in shortfalls?
  7. Oppresive my ass. You have absolutely ZERO sense of perspective due to your fragile personal predicament.

    Are you currently enjoying a taxpayer pension for life? Otherwise, I have a hard time believing that anybody in the private sector could cry a river over this sort of thing. The concessions that were demanded by the Governor were small potatoes compared to what private sector employees and small business owners have been putting up with for more than a decade.

    Even after this vote, these leeches still draw on a defined benefit plan (when was the last time the private sector offered these). Do some math. We are operating in a ZIRP environment where individuals on their own would need several million in investable securities to generate an annual income that approaches what 90% of these leeches get from the taxpayers and the underfunded, borrowed pension plans. So the shortfalls in investment income that are generated by the fund managers have to be made up for with service cuts and the cannablizing of their own unions.

    It's a pure ponzi that is robbing the current generations of workers to pay for these bloated entitlement leeches. The fact that you compare this to third world shithole's speaks volumes as to what a completely delusional nutjob you have become.
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    Texas should be in good financial shape, what with just a 7% or so rate of unionization, the lowest in the country I think I heard. And other countries, with unionization rates a half-dozen times higher than the US's average, are no doubt in far worse financial shape than Wisconsin.
  9. On the same level? You need your head examined.

    It's about time that public servants started serving taxpayers instead of fleecing them with unions and corrupt democraps.
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