The charting software dilema

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  1. I actually own Metastock, Amibroker and NinjaTrader. I am currently using eSignal and currently considering buying a lifetime license of Multicharts.

    Here is my thinking around some of these softwares:

    - Metastock - sounds and look dead to me, cannot even display quotes unless integrated with creepy and bloated QuoteC...

    - Amibroker - excellent and fast software, probably the fastest. I am very comfortable programming it but don't really like the language compared to C# or even EasyLanguage... Dislike the Charts, somehow not enjoyable to look at 24/7...

    - NinjaTrader - have a lifetime license.. enjoy the charts, think is great for scalping the eMinis and their ATMs is the best IMHO (haven't used others)... I don't like the way they structure their windows, prefer the Tradestation/Multicharts or eSignal way... Not very friendly to use with multiple instruments such as stocks... slow...

    Now comes Multicharts. Have been testing it and enjoy the charts, as good as Tradestation and seem to be actively developed.

    based on the description above I would like to hear your opinion/thoughts... should I consider buying Multicharts or just try to work it out with eSignal + NinjaTrader... my goal is to trade the eMinis (Automated) and stocks (discretionary)...
  2. This is my first post ... I saw your in search for great charting software.

    I will look into Multicharts.

    The best I have used is CQG for both stocks and the eminis.

    It spoiled me.

    I trade currencies now and use VT trader which is the closest to CQG I can get.

    Thanks for your insightful post.
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    you briefly mentioned TradeStation ...... why do u not consider TradeStation with it's automated strategies and EasyLanguage?
  4. I agree. Why not look into TradeStation. If you trade 10 round turns a month on the eminis, the platform is free.
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    I was considering a lifetime license but, decided against it due to the software having to phone home over the 'Net every time you want to use it.

    That sort of stuff is marginally acceptable for something that's licensed monthly, barely so for something annually licensed.

    But, it is total bullshit when it comes to any software you've purchased a lifetime license for. I don't like the idea that someone else can determine what the definition of "lifetime" is and change that definition after the fact.

    I also own Metastock like you, but stopped upgrading it after 9.2 for the same reasons, it's fallen way too behind.

    However, they had the sanest licensing verification I've seen where it will randomly ask you for the installation media a few weeks after you've installed it.
  6. I looked at Multicharts but did not leap into any financial obligation and therefore don't have any input regarding them.

    I retired at 40 after successful years in the penny stock market as one of the top 12 traders.

    My systems were more socio-symbiotic leverage, market tactics, market maker policing and "Big Shark" parasite, Block Buyer trend oriented systems.

    They were not technical at the time as I felt technicals revealed the territory I had already been through and the history of what "deal structuring" had created with my systems and influence.

    Now I have spent the last 10 years perfecting several trade systems that are pure charting and technical that are theoretically and practically much like Gann's system. (You know ... kinda "order out of chaos" ... but not the holy grail.)

    Recently I had put together a mini-seminar proving multiple economic theories and have my notes available for download if people request them.

    My notes are over 200 pages of charts, economic theory and proofs and over 62 stocks that since the report have produced massive gains with huge dividends pays. (Every one was a winner till the recent decline in shipping stocks)

    So I offer this to the learned among you as a token ...

    I however am looking for a quality trading platform as well that has excellent charting software.

    This is for a friend I am training, so it needs be cheap or free.

    My system for him uses:
    -MA Envelopes
    -Trailing stop level based on ATR
    -True strength Index with fast, slow and Histogram.
    -Chande's Momentum

    This system has proven 100% for the last 2 years of testing (with 100% discipline with the rules)

    So ... other than
    -Telechart (which is anemic)
    -CQG (Which is "the standard" for me)
    -Ninjatrader (which I am going to learn this week.

    What other inexpensive charting platforms are there out there?

    BTW- There is word that Dealbook360 will do e-minis this year. EXCELLENT PLATFORM !!!! Maturing from the currencies market.

    Please offer suggestions. My download is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars ... so I am just needing some ideas of free, cheapo or inexpensive top end charting platforms.

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    Here's two others I can suggest you take a loot at. They're free for EOD use like NinjaTrader:

    Here's a decent collection of reviews regarding trading, charting and similar software. The reviews themselves should be taken with a grain of salt, but it might have a few titles that you were unaware of previously.

    There's a lot of free/opensource things out there, but the level of polish, completeness and support varies greatly and usually requires a pretty deep level of programming experience if you want to go it alone. Let me know if you want some links for them.

    Wouldn't mind taking a look at your material. Please send me a private message whenever you have the time.

    Best of luck.
  8. Agree, and it's a shame. MultiCharts is fantastic, hell I'd pay $2500 for a lifetime license. But I refuse to pay for a product that is lifetime but requires my PC to connect. This is a ridiculous requirement and many people are complaining about it. I really don't understand why they don't get this, nobody in this business with real money on the line is going to put up with that kind of requirement, they will move to another platform.
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    all the software call home, including ninja, quotetracker, etc.,
  10. AmiBroker? Don't believe it does. How about Ensign?
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