The Chart that Explains Everything that is Wrong

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  1. zerohedge lol. My favorite doomsday, the world is going to end blog for the past half decade.

    Good job on selecting the charts that make the US look bad and ignoring the ones that rank us highly.... no confirmation bias there.
  2. then post it! any credible chart that makes us look good. or just shooting your mouth off again?
  3. It is very clear the US has a lower standard of living then they could have in comparison to other ('rich') parts of the world because of their military expenses.

    Ofcourse the question is would it be beneficial to the US should they cut back on militairy spending.

    Maybe some countries today only buy USD cause they have US soldiers at their borders, maybe lots of jobs providing militairy material etc in the US would dissapear, maybe oil suply would be less stable...

    These are all unkowns nobody can predict with total certainty.
  4. [​IMG]- Source

    "We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada." - Sarah Palin