The chArt of Deception

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  1. I have read some interesting posts today and this discussion might be of interest to some?

    The next post will contain a picture of a well known woman.

    When you look at the woman try and see what the artist was thinking of when he painted this famous picture.

    Do not let your eyes stray, for if you do then you are more than likely falling for the same trap when looking at charts.

    Before I post the picture does anyone want to see how good they are at telling the future?
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  3. You are close but that image will do nothing but cause some traders to sell when they should be buying.
  4. Why did you put a capital A and D ?
  5. The chArt of Deception is what a trader is presented with each and every day.

    It is an Art that the big money traders use to keep the monkeys happy.

    Most of what is thrown to the monkeys is done so for a reason and that is to keep them in the cage.

    To think that the markets are random is to think like a monkey.

    However, this does not mean that there is not randomness in the markets, as when monkeys are let loose trading anything can indeed happen.

    To look at the painting and see what the artist saw is a rare talent, and that is why some paintings fetch $Millions.

    The ordinary man in the street would not know the difference between a printed copy and the real thing, but the art dealer and the buyer know the real value of the painting.

    The most valuable paintings are simple, just as the most valuable chart readings are simple.

    I will post the image of the famous woman when a few more traders try and predict the future, as most traders do it every day and there should be at least one who will get the right image before I post it?
  6. This one is good for me, thank you very much. :D

  7. Redneck



    I am very sorry to disappoint but I can not predict the future worth a flip – I’ve tried it and failed miserably

    Now I simply observe, anticipate, and react… So – if you’ll permit me

    I’ll observe your thread

    Anticipate the painting being posted

    React to what I see – as I see it

    Take Care

  8. A very good reply and not what I was expecting.

    I will post the painting of the famous woman for discussion.
  9. The painting has several features that will catch the eye.

    What feature do you find yourself looking at mostly?

    Why do you keep looking at the same feature most of the time?

    Did it ever occur to you that the reason you are looking at what you look at mostly is because it is made to appeal to you on purpose?

    Can you think what the artist was thinking about when he painted the picture?

    Are you even looking at the right picture?

  10. Now we have another picture painted by a different artist.

    We again see the striking features, some of which are put there to appeal to the eye.

    Now we all know how easy it is to make money we can start to think about buying that nice picture of the famous woman.

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