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  1. January 29, 2012

    SouthAmerica: Here is a reality check for the United States:

    Tom Donilon, National Security Advisor, interview on January 26, 2012 at the Charlie Rose Show

    ...Posted by: Ricardo C. Amaral - 01/28/2012

    Now Mr. Tom Donilon, here is a reality check for National Security Council and the US government in general regarding Iran:

    As you can read on this thread at the Elite Trader Forum we have been laughing about the USA/Israel/Iran crisis for many years. It has become a laughing matter at ET and we understand the real reason behind this created crisis.

    When you read this information, please keep in mind that this thread has been going on for the last 6 years and that we went from a transformation from taking that subject seriously and over the years that subject turned into just a comedy series and a joke.
    But I understand that this subject still have some legs and serve as a good “Wag the Dog” strategy.

    You and the other members of the National Security Council and also from other areas of the US government should read all this material and you guys might realize how pathetic the United States has become into the eyes of the rest of the world regarding its policies about Iran.

    Then you guys wonder why the United States is losing all its prestige around the world and it's becoming irrelevant at the speed of light.

    What I am trying to bring to your attention is that basically you have to be an idiot to follow American policy around the world and the United States government has the track record to show to the world how “the lights are on, but there's nobody home” regarding Washington and its economic and foreign policies.

    The US economic and foreign policies have been a disaster not only for Americans, but also to countries around the world: the US leaves behind a waste land in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, a collapsing Middle East, a collapsing Europe, but many South American countries have learned their lessons the hard way about following Washington policies in Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, and so on.

    The economic success that Brazil is enjoying today has more to do with China than the United States. Since 2009 Brazil's main trading partner has been China. And the Brazilian miracle of lifting over 30 million people out of complete poverty in Brazil in the last 9 years is all connected with economic connection between Brazil and China.

    We are not naïve, and we remind our members on Brazzil magazine, the Elite Trader forum, Facebook, and even here in the comments section of the Charlie Rose Show that the articles and the comments following the articles are being monitored by many governments including the various agencies of the US government, and we can tell by some postings that there are government people participating on these comments trying to spin the discussions or trying them to look silly to discourage serious people from reading and participating on the debates in an intelligent way.

    Anyway, the reality is: it does not matter what desperate government actions are taken to try to suppress “Free Speech” and try to intimidate the few voices that still are out there trying to connect the dots and bring the new realities of the new world of the 21st century to the global audience.

    The truth is: it does not make any difference because the house of cards is collapsing and there's nothing that can be done about it other than buying a little more time before the entire system comes down crashing – it is the accumulated economic and political actions of 100 years that is reaching the meltdown point, and the end of another major chapter of world history.

    There's nothing you people can do to change the past to avoid what is in the pipeline and is spinning completely out of control.

    But it's fun to watch the train wreck developing, and the desperate efforts being taken to avoid the massive economic and financial meltdown that is around the corner and the chain reaction can be sparked at any time by any event that will surprise everybody.

  2. Humpy


    It is indeed sad times for the world in general that the better elements of Western Civilization are likely to be lost along with world supremacy. If anyone thinks that the world will be a better place generally with the BRIC countries in control they will be in for a major shock.
    Just as such ills as piracy on the high seas is now a common occurence so will there be a drop in moral/virtue standards.
    Victorian values have been played out rather poorly imho and now must give way to rampant capitalism of selfish greed. Much worse than the already sickening greed of the USA.
    Let's not throw "all the babies out with the bath-water". Just the rubbish !
  3. January 29, 2012

    SouthAmerica: Reply to Humpy

    When the "shit hits the fan" it will affect all the advanced economies around the world.

    The 1930's is going to look like the good times when compared with the global economic and financial meltdown that is coming in the pipeline.

  4. Humpy


    You may gloat but I see nothing of value in the coming mess - only suffering as nations fight to survive !!

  5. I am not gloating - I am saying things are going to be very bad for everybody - including in China, Brazil, India, and Russia....and old Europe, and collapsing United States....
  6. Humpy


    OK sorry about the gloating remark - I can see you have genuine feelings.

    There seems a remarkable lack of blame for the mess imho now that the spending frenzy is over and there is nothing much else to do than pick up the pieces.
    I suppose so many got in on it for profits that it is hard to narrow it down to names like Clinton or Blair for loosening financial controls on bankers or the cost of Bush's wars after 911.

    Is noone to blame ? To stop it happenning again the causes should be explored. Who for instance set up the EU and eurozone systems that are so easily collapsing before our eyes. The top politicians guzzle caviar and champagne at Davos while the world's financial systems collapse, like Nero fiddling while Rome burnt. ( He is suspected of lighting the fires himself for political purposes and then built his palace on the ruins.)
  7. Humpy


    One has to also keep in mind the BRIC countries are really clones of the USA and will react similarly.

    Another point that astonishes me is the amount of money wasted on ridiculous wars that need never have happened. And the net result - not good for anyone including the USA. While the Chinese have kept their heads down and profited all along the way. Who is their new great buddy but Iran. And why ? Because the idiots in Washington just don't understand people. I had great hopes of Obama but it is not to be yet !

    As Plato said about Atlantis - something about mighty powers are nothing if they have no virtue. Hollywood may be largely responsible for the moral decline in the world generally. Their "pigsty" culture emerged of greed and selfishness.
  8. Humpy


    Capitalism is stuck
    The elite has got the lot
    And the masses are in the muck

    And why oh why should any of us
    give a tuppenny fuck !!