The cease-fire

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  1. First off as my alias implies I'm a closet uncleTom with an undying allegiance to Israel.

    It's not just that I watch TV and see the horror that the terrorists are causing there. I was supposed to born a Jew. My boss is a Jew. I've never dated a girl since middle school that wasn't a Jew. I eat blintzes for breakfast.

    The whole conflict over there is outta contral right now. I can't believe we agreed to a stupid cease-fire.

    If we just declare all out war and destroy Hezbollah we can help America defeat all of terrorism in the Middle East.
  2. Uhmmmm...Ok...sounds like a good plan....OH but wait!.

    Could there be another group to replace Hezb.???
  3. That's exactly why the first step is defeating Hezbollah.

    By following this UN imposed cease-fire we are allowing not only Hezbollah to strengthen, but also all the other terrorist organizations and cells.

    The first step of defeating Hezbollah must be taken.

    How can Lebanon allow to be overtaken by Hezbollah? Look at all the destruction that the terrorists have caused for the innocent in Lebanon.

    America has begun to free Iraqis from terror. We must do the same in Lebanon.

    Things will only turn out for the worst once the terrorists have time to recover.
  4. yeah good 1..let's keep massacrin' civilians non-stop because that's what's gonna happen if u continue to fight this endless mindless useless war.
  5. The war escalated because terrorists were and still are firing rockets at innocent Israelis.

    Lebanese civilans could save themselves if they could control the terrorists making haven in their own country.
  6. that's a one sided view of the conflict...both sides take the blame for casualties inflicted on civilians but the lebanese people have no control over hizbollah and are payin' the ultimate price. blamin' 'em for their own death is utterly repulsive, same blamin' hizbollah for their death also is morally repugnant. now there's a freakin' cease fire and none will be killed if it is mutually respected and all u want is begin all over launchin' missiles over the whole of lebanon and see another rain of katushia landin' on your land..yeah that's the solution, wtg.
  7. There is no such thing as "innocent Israelis".
    Until you understand that, terrorism will be very popular.
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    Terrorism will be popular anyway. And it will continue to get worse until the non-Muslim world fights back.
  9. All right, that's the spirit!!!. No more whining about innocent camelfuckers, right?
  10. Sure, Their the same anyway.

    The picher is just as bad as the catcher.
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