the catholic church is consistent.

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  1. they condone and coverup rape of little boys on every continent. Australia is loaded with them too. rape was such a standard operating procedure in the catholic church they didnt even consider it wrong. 26 kids commit suicide after being abused by priests and the bishop says:

    "I think we've learnt a lot of things about what is appropriate behaviour and what's not appropriate behaviour," Bishop Connors said.

    "I think people are very well informed nowadays as to what's inappropriate approaches from a male."

    While conceding the abuse of children was wrong, he said that in the past it had not always been clear to everyone what was appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.
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    I'm sure others will weigh in on the whole "does the Catholic Church create pedophiles vs. are pedophiles attracted to the Church" debate but Bishop Connors' comments in that article are really breathtaking regardless of your position:

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    I had a dream just the other night. I decided to join the catholic church but during the lengthy rituals I realized it was a Satan worshiping cult.
    (True story BTW, I've had a lot of weird dreams lately)

    I don't have anything against Catholics per se. But the church bureaucracy being more concerned with their image than protecting their under age parishioners is unconscionable.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Take Your Kids to Church!!! It is good for them!!!


    A money making machine for pedophiles who have great public speaking skills.

    Oh man that's going to send me to hell isn't it...
  5. The American school system is worse for queers that molest young boys. Sad fact is, your boy is about 100 times more likely to be molested by his teacher in public school than his priest. There is a good reason the bible says to put these homosexuals to death.
  6. You do realize that article is from 1999?

    If it was so prevalent, couldn't you have found something a bit more recent?

    I could pull up a priest pedophile article from two weeks ago in about 2 minutes. Pfshhh.. more prevalent in American school system my ass.