The case of the disappearing broker

Discussion in 'Politics' started by learninglisted, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Is it possible to find the address and phone number of a broker based on the partnership ID given on a K-1 Form or the broker's previous company name?

    Some backgound: A few years ago a couple and their friends put in about 10K each and gave the money to one of their friend's "hot" brokers. This broker formed an LLC partnership, of which my friend had 1/25th interest

    Well, that broker promptly lost most of their money.

    Now that broker has either changed his company name or moved shop.

    My friends, an elderly couple, are trying to track the broker down but all they have is the broker's partnership ID # on the K-1 form. They don't even know the broker's name! The name of the broker's company is no longer listed in the phone book.

    I'm in shock that my friends would do this without knowing the broker's name, but again, it was one of those "hot tip" things from another friend. Crazy!

    Any ideas? I left messages with the local IRS office but they haven't yet returned my calls.