The case against college.

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  1. The message is familiar. Colleges are youth ghettos. They promise more than they deliver. They serve as great social sorting machines and not as institutions of higher learning. Their students are pressured to attend by parents or peers and do not know what else to do. Their diplomas cost more—and are worth less—than ever before.

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  2. Only if you ignore people who do NOT get a degree - poorly educated, and always at the bottom of the pile.
  3. This reminds of the saying, "Money can't make you happy, but lack of it sure can make you unhappy!"

    Likewise college does not buy you money or happiness, but lack of college education can sure make you underemployed, and underpaid.

    Not saying that everybody should or should not go to college...
  4. In other words, they're like high school.
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    This is what happens when you make HS attendance compulsory or pay kids to attend.

    Employers require a college degree because the HS diploma has become worthless.
  6. craig


    College is like trading and life in general.

    You will get what you want out of it!
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    you can be top of your class or banging ass all day ...take your pick :D
  8. craig


    Yes, and some will do BOTH! :D
  9. Banging ass - isn't that what you do in college?
  10. I would say a 4 year degree is the minimum requirement now for any job.

    In 20 years a 4 year degree will be the minimum requirement for even a job at a fast food restaurant flipping burgers

    and a Masters degree for any other job
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