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  1. Candletrader loves all True Brothers, of which Brother wwatson1 is one of the Truest...

    Brother wwatson1 has openly admitted that he is not capable of being consistently profitable...

    Candletrader offers free 1-to-1 tutelage to Brother wwatson1 via the medium of the Yahoo Messenger... this tutelage will be implemented over the course of a few weeks...

    This experiment will result in anecdotal evidence that it is indeed possible to transform a struggling trader into a successful trader...

    Brother wwatson1, are you up for it?
  2. please....teach me, teach me!!!!!!!
  3. I made 8 bucks profit last year. is that too profitable for your course.:D
  4. you'd have to PAY me fruitloop .. :-/
  5. candle, you know what. this applies not only to you but to all "consistently proftiable" traders here. just because you are at that level, dont think that you're "all that". your excrements smell just as bad as those of "non-consistent losing traders". Anyhow, I've never seen you extend a hand of help to any of your supposed ET "brothers". You're an egoist of highest pedegree and I believe the only reason you offer this to wwatson is to trump up your ego even higher.
  6. and by the way I thought you left ET?
  7. Get lost looser...
  8. haha
  9. ROFL... :D :eek: :p
  10. That's loser you PIKER.
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