The CAIA Association is pleased to introduce the CAIA member Class of March 2009

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ASusilovic, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. 1) Suss, I don't believe I saw your name on the roster of people who have that designation. Are you studying for it?
    2) It's slightly annoying that they alphabetize people's names by their first name, not their last name.
    3) Does a CAIA carry more prestige than a CMT or CFA? :confused:

  2. 1) No, I don´t need that designation. But there is one member of our team on the list. :)

    2) LOL ! Agreed.

    3) Lately, CAIA has changed more into a academic designation. Couple of years ago it had a different curriculum then nowadays - a more pragmatic one, IMO.

    I think CFA´s have much more affinity to the pragmatic part of the job.
  3. I agree, what the heck is with first name alphabetizing? Is this some new kind of political correctness, or feel good thing? I ask as this year I have seen it used a few times, including a school graduation, which would seem like a place that should use the standard last name first system. Maybe it's new English, like the new math, since the old math didn't work. lol