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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Tsing Tao, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao


    How much work has been spent banning that idiot from Vancouver from this forum? Yet he continues to come back over and over again. Remember the days when he was posting gay porn to the announcement forum in protest of being banned? Or how about the spamming of PMs to users about his infamous Bilderburger crap? It's been going on for years, and yet he still manages to come back spamming the forums.

    Sometimes he claims to be a Jew, sometimes an Arab. Some days his psychosis tells him he should claim to be a European, and some days an American. This latest role play exercise he's claiming to be from Texas.

    Everyone else, please use this thread for your c-kid spotting. This will (hopefully) allow the police of the site the ability to remove him easily.


    Latest alias: Texas
  2. Maverick74


    What is it about ET that attracts these idiots? I'm serious. There must be thousands of forums on the web on every imaginable topic. Why do these idiots come to a trading website? I really have to wonder where Baron is advertising. That has always confused me. The funny thing is when I talk to people in the trading community, they don't even know what ET is.
  3. Joe


    Please use the complaint button to make us aware of C-Kid, I would not want a member being singled out by him for ratting him out.

    Thank you.
  4. wrbtrader


    It's not Baron's advertising that's bringing none traders to ET.

    There are many other reasons why none traders show up at ET to post whatever is on their mind. For example of just one reason I know for fact has happen many times...a trader from ET joins another forum that's not trading related and he/she uses the exact same user name.

    Then in their discussions with others at the other none trading forum...the conversation prompts those other folks to research the user name. Simply, Google shows them that someone is posting elsewhere and those other folks see the Chit Chat and P&R threads here at ET...they then join to continue discussing whatever is on their minds. Another example is washed up or broken traders showing up at a later date to do some venting or to use ET as a personal punching bag about their problems with the world.

    Just use Google and go backwards to all the not popular links where someone mentions "" and you'll see folks posting links to ET at none trading forum. I just used Google and saw link posted at a known hacker forum. Wouldn't be surprise it attracts a few would be hackers that want to practice their knowledge here. :(

  5. I guess that explains where all the lunatics are coming from

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    AlsoHuman is his new one.
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    I heard he lost all of his money trying to follow JH's strategy, and then went insane.
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    It wouldn't bother me to be singled out by that buffoon.
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